Thursday, March 7, 2013

Someone's Knocking at the Door

You may have seen a lot of horror movies, but chances are you haven't seen one quite like this one. It's about a group of medical students in LA. They're not exactly close friends. Really, they're pretty much a bunch of assholes. One night they decide to break into the Linda Vista Hospital and inject an experimental drug that serves as a conduit for 2 crazy killers from 1973 to cross into the current day and murder them with their sexual organs. Subtle, atmospheric, chilling...The Changeling, maybe, but certainly not this.

It's impressive to see a director's wholly bugfuck insane idea come to fruition. It's certainly grotesque and unusual to have a slasher-type movie where the victims are killed by giant purple warty elephantine wang and/or voracious carnivorous gooch. The fact that it's done in what I assume is supposed to be a humorous fashion is either a plus or a minus, depending on what you're looking for. It may have been far too harrowing if they had played it seriously. Then again, given the abilities of the actors, it's likely that there wasn't much hope of being able to pull off playing it straight.

Not every actor is bad in this movie, but a few are far from good. What's a bigger issue is the fact that practically every character is loathsome. The protagonists are all dopers, and not the awesome kind like Brad Pitt in True Romance. They're kind of hipsterish, too, which is obnoxious of course. They do reprehensible things to one another and whoever else is nearby. There's a lot of shit-talking, most notably to a dude nicknamed Spaz who has a severe stutter. This is played for laffs and while it's not incredibly offensive, it is obvious and not particularly funny.

The makeup effects aren't that great. There's a cop who gets shot towards the end and the effect's about as good as something on The Streets of San Francisco. At other points, though, the prosthetics aren't bad for what is clearly a microbudget production.

I can't really recommend this one. The ending is either interesting or a massive cop-out. Maybe it's a little of both. While it's somewhat original, it's ultimately not very good. Maybe there's a reason why there haven't been very many movies made about people getting fucked to death before.

Tomorrow: Megan Is Missing

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