Monday, March 18, 2013

Baise Moi

As it turns out, this movie shocked a lot of people for one reason:hardcore humping. If you take away the explicit boning and exposed genitalia, you're not left with a whole lot. Certainly not good acting, a memorable plot, or any emotional investment in anyone shown on screen.

Even if you consider that this movie is an early 21st century exploitation film rather than an Independent Film, though, it's still not that good. The production values are below the basement and the gore effects are an afterthought. I guess there really isn't much to recommend this movie, as if you enjoy watching porn you probably already have another tab open on your browser to exactly that, and if you enjoy watching badass womyns tearing the man-centered world they live in a collective new asshole, this doesn't really succeed or at least do a good job with that.

The biggest problem with Baise Moi is that the two main characters are loathsome. They're self-centered leeches who start off the movie killing innocent people who have done nothing but give them money and shelter, and this is before they meet one another and join forces. Their motivations for killing some people yet letting others live, for fucking some dudes but murdering others, for pretty much anything, aren't gone into in the slightest of detail. I suspect that whoever made this wanted to tell a Thelma & Louise type "us against the world" story, with fucking, but didn't bother writing a script other than "they go places, meet people, maybe have sex, then kill them". If the direction were assured or the acting competent, or anything that happens particularly fascinating, this wouldn't be so bad.

Knowing the sex being filmed is real makes a scene or two more unpleasant than it would normally be, but I don't really know how someone could be shocked by this. It's just boring and not very good. It may be only 77 minutes long, but it feels twice that. Skip it.

Tomorrow:The Girl Next Door

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