Friday, February 15, 2013

Cutting Moments

Now this here is a sour little slice (sorry) of discomfort.  Telling the stories of 3 people whose affects range from depressed to unfeeling to psychotic, Cutting Moments packs a lot of awful into its brief (29 minutes) running time.  The film looks kind of grimy in a good way and the depressing music helps set the mood.

You've probably heard of this movie before. It's best known for showing a woman rubbing her lips with a Chore Boy and then cutting them off with scissors.  And it's truly disgusting.  I can't abide watching the surgery channel on TV.  I almost faint when I accidentally cut myself with a paring knife.  Movie gore, though?  No big deal.  But this one?  Almost intolerable.

The kicker is that the most graphic parts of this movie aren't really the most unsettling.  It's a genuinely sad story - the pain of knowing the dreams you started out with when you fell in love with someone have died.  In this case, it's even worse because a child has been seriously harmed along the way.  I mean sure, the way things end up is pretty ridiculous.  But the dour nature of this family's predicament/s is pretty rough to take even before the blood starts flowing.  If you haven't seen this one yet, it's on youtube.  Consider checking it out.

Tomorrow: Don't Go in the House

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